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Russia | Information


St.Petersburg: founded on May 27, 1703.
Location: the city is located in the delta of the Neva river on the shore of the Gulf of Finland on the 60∞ of the northern latitude. It is the world's largest megalopolis situated this far to the North.
Population: as of January 1, 1999 Ч 4 730 000 people.
Territory: 1400 sq. km.
Time: St.Petersburg belongs to the Moscow standard time zone (MST), which differs from the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):
Summer MST = GMT + 4 hours.
Winter MST = GMT + 3 hours.

Governmental bodies

Administration of St.Petersburg (The Governor's Office) - 315-9883
Legislative Assembly of St.Petersburg (St.Petersburg Parliament)- 319-9001
Plenipotentiary of the RF President in St.Petersburg - 274-7021

Hot line

Fire - 01, 24 hours a day
Police - 02, 24 hours a day
Ambulance - 03, 24 hours a day
Special police service (for foreigners) - 164-9787, 24 hours a day
Speaking clock - 060, 24 hours a day
Telephone Information service (private numbers excluded) - 09, 07.00 - 22.00
Information line - 326-9696, 24 hours a day, (English & Russian)


Home voltage is 220 V (AC), 50 Hz.

The customs

It is not allowed to export from Russia any pieces of art and antiques produced before 1945. The export of works of art such as painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art produced after 1945 needs special authorization from the Commission of Experts for the Control over the Export and Import of Items of Cultural Value, irrespective of the form of their acquisition. The souvenirs, including folk handicrafts items, need no permission to be taken out of Russia. However, it might be helpful to keep the receipts, labels and pay-in cheques along.
The import of foreign currency is not restricted unlike the export limited to USD 500. The money amount imported has to be stated in the customs declaration, which should be kept till leaving Russia because the amounts above USD 500 otherwise need authorization of a bank to be exported. It is also advisable to put into the customs declaration the list of antiques and works of art imported, to avoid any confusion at the departure from Russia.
Commission of Experts for the Control over the Export and Import of Items of Cultural Value
107 Griboedova Kanala nab. 314-8234
Pulkovo customs airport Pulkovo-II - 326-2297
North-Western Customs Administration of Russia
20 Kutuzova nab. 329-1298, 430-8086
Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in St.Petersburg 272-0076
Consular points:
airport Pulkovo-II. 104-3415
Torfianovka, Vyborg area, Leningrad region. (278) 52-352

Consulat General

27 Ryleeva ul. 273-7347 Canada
32 Malodetskoselskiy pr. 325-8448
134 Griboedova Kanala nab. 114-6230
37 Ryleeva ul. 272-5303
Czech Republic
5 Tverskaya ul. 271-4612
13 Bolshaya alleya (Kamennyy Ostrov) 234-3755
14 Bolshaya Monetnaya ul. 238-1804
71 Chaykovskogo ul. 273-7321
15 Moyki Reki nab. 314-1443
39 Furshtatskaya ul. 327-3111
Information: 329-6407
15 Marata ul. 312-6458
35 Ryleeva ul. 272-1731
10 Teatralnaya pl. 312-3217
29 Moyki Reki nab. 314-1434
11, 10-Ya Liniya Vasilevskogo Ostrova 327-6054
4 Gorokhovaya ul. 314-5857
25 Nevskiy pr. 326-2650
12, 5-Ya Sovetskaya ul. 274-4170
6 Robespiera nab. apt.43. 279-3241
1/3 Malaya Konyushennaya ul. 329-1430
The Netherlands
11 Moyki Reki nab. 312-0338
6 Malaya Morskaya, apt.5 312-3210
United Kingdom
5 Proletarskoy Diktatury ul. 325-6036
United States of America
15 Furshtatskaya ul. 275-1701

Honorary Consulat General

11 Marata ul. 325-0979

Honorary Consuls

Mr Tom Holger Wastfelt.
43 Furshtatskaya ul. 275-0502
Mr Gudsi Osmanov.
3 Millionnaya ul. 312-6269
Mr Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson.
24 Telmana ul. 326-8580
Mr Viktor N.Veniaminov.
58 Nevskiy pr. 311-1219
Mr Luis Alberto Rodrigues Blanco.
11 Vladimirskiy pr. 325-8470
Mr Yuriy V.Kovalchuk.
9/6 Bolshoy pr. Vasilevskogo Ostrova 325-6271


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